What are the Bottles for?

Garden Bottles

Throughout the garden there are many upside down glass bottles. What are they for?

The bottles in our garden are covering rebar which is inserted into the ground to prevent our garden staff from inadvertently dragging a watering hose across plants. Rebar alone would present a hazard, so the glass bottles provide a decorative way to safely cover the metal and as an added bonus the hose slides better across the smooth glass.

There are references to bottle trees in Southern folklore and literature as wards against evil spirits. Legend says that evil spirits are attracted to the glass shining in the sun, in particular blue bottles, and climb inside the bottles and are trapped.

Many private gardens in our area have bottle trees, keep an eye out for them as you travel around. We think it is kinda cool that an effective practical solution to a problem turns out to be both attractive and has its own legend.

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