Our Garden

Welcome to our on-site production garden!

Next to our cafe we have our very own production garden where we grow fresh produce for our kitchen. The ingredients grown range from traditional herbs, to edible flowers, from classic southern garden staples, to unique varieties of vegetables. Check out or dinner specials for garden featured dishes.

Our garden and landscaping is also host to many pollinators and provides habitat for native insects and wildlife. Our garden is open to the public during daylight hours and garden staff is available to answer questions and share garden tips. Follow us on Instagram for ongoing photos and news from our gardeners.

Check out the posts below for answers to some of our most frequently asked garden questions.

  • How do you deal with squirrels?How do you deal with squirrels?
    We are often asked how we keep squirrels out of the garden. We don't, instead we distract them. We have found that they absolutely love sunflowers, as do many visiting bids, bees and other insects.

    In one word, sunflowers.

    Sunflowers are located all around our garden perimeter and periodically throughout the garden. They are terrific companion plants, attracting beneficial insects and have a long bloom season.
  • Seeds of all shapes and sizes…Seeds of all shapes and sizes...
    A tiny packet of seeds is full of so much potential...it is truly magic. To make the magic happen requires a certain number of variables, but mostly utilizing common sense and some research can get you through and lead to successful seed starting.

    Most seeds, such as tomatoes and basil, need warm soil temperatures in which to germinate well, so we start them under an indoor lighting system before transitioning them outside when temperatures rise. Other seeds, like peas and beets, can be direct sown in the garden in early spring.
  • What are the Bottles for?What are the Bottles for?
    Throughout the garden there are many upside down glass bottles.

    What are they for?

    The bottles in our garden are covering rebar which is inserted into the ground to prevent our garden staff from inadvertently dragging a watering hose across plants. Rebar alone would present a hazard, so the glass bottles provide a decorative way to safely cover the metal and as an added bonus the hose slides better across the smooth glass.