by in Garden.

SP-garden-squirrel-w-sunflowerIn one word, sunflowers.

We are often asked how we keep squirrels out of the garden. We don’t, instead we distract them. We have found that they absolutely love sunflowers, as do many visiting bids, bees and other insects.

Sunflowers are located all around our garden perimeter and periodically throughout the garden. They are terrific companion plants, attracting beneficial insects and have a long bloom season. They add height interest to the overall garden and the squirrels love climbing up the stalks to bite off a seed head and carry it away. The squirrels are happy, seldom bother other garden plants, and as they are messy eaters they spread seeds for next year. The large group of sunflowers near the greenhouse was entirely squirrel and bird seeded.

Having troubles with squirrels, plant sunflowers next year is our recommendation.