Evening Specials

Reservations are for dinner hours only. Dinner is served starting at 5pm. Yes, you can order breakfast items in the evening! CLICK HERE TO MAKE A RESERVATION

evening specials are AVAILABLE AFTER 5pm Tuesday – Saturday

starter plates

Spingtime Tart • 8
goat cheese, pistachio, and vidalia onion tart, with parmesan, mini arugula salad, strawberry vinaigrette, fresh strawberries

Loaded Spring Rolls • 9
goat cheese, potato, green onion spring rolls, topped with melted cheddar, spicy serrano crema, chopped bacon


add a side salad and focaccia to any entrée for +3

Ramp Pesto Pasta • 15
linguini, fresh ramp pesto, asparagus, vidalia onion, cherry tomatoes, assorted mushrooms, parmesan
Add Grilled Chicken +$5.50
Add Blackened Shrimp +$6.50

Bi Bim Bap • 14
sticky rice, sauteed greens, pickled carrot, mung beans, marinated mushrooms, “kimchi” slaw, pork belly, sunny side egg, spicy gochujang sauce

Fish and Grits • 21
florentine grits, pecan crusted trout, lemon vinaigrette kale, tomato confit, lemon brown butter sauce

▲These items may be ordered undercooked or may contain raw eggs. Consuming these items may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

These dishes can be prepared  V – vegan, G – gluten-less ingredients
cross-contact is possible

Sunny Point Café does NOT have separate kitchen facilities for preparing vegan and gluten-less dishes.