by in Garden.

SP-garden-bouncy-zooSP-garden-bouncy-duckIf you’ve walked through our garden the last couple years you have no doubt seen the playground bouncy animals located at the top of the garden nearest the restaurant. Those are on loan from Old Town Salvage, a terrific local business that dismantles old buildings and salvages the materials for reuse. One of the largest local projects Old Town Salvage took on was dismantling the old buildings on the soon-to-open New Belgium Brewing site. The New Belgium tasting room will include many of the materials salvaged from the old stockyard site. The bouncy animals didn’t come from there, but during that deconstruction process we became aware of Old Town Salvage and when we saw a posting about the bouncy animals on their Facebook page contacted them to see if they’d be interested in a loan arrangement.

We’ve had a few different animals make appearances in the garden”zoo” since Bradley, owner of Old Town Salvage, has quite a collection and comes by to rotate them out now and again. We think they add personality to our garden and definitely have made the wait for a table much more fun. Currently we have a duck, a horse and a caterpillar on site.