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The competition is tough for the Annual Stoobie Awards. No lie, we had fingers crossed in anticipation. Would we retain the title of Asheville’s Best Shrimp ‘n’ Grits?!? YEEEEESSSSSS!!! We are pleased beyond measure to win the praise of Stu Helm The Food Fan for one of our signature dishes.

2017 Stoobie Award: Asheville’s Best Shrimp ‘n’ Grits

“It’s like, the best thing ever, and is practically the entire reason I got into writing about food. No kidding. True story…. The sauce is something I could eat a bucketful of. The grits are perfect, maybe the best in town all on their own, the shrimps are BIG and sweet and cooked just right. The whole thing comes out piping hot, and oh yeah, good gahd that bacon is unreal….Thank you, Sunny Point Cafe, for being consistently awesome always, and for nailing my favorite dish every single time!” – excerpt from the 2017 Stoobie Awards, Part 2.

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What is the secret of our Shrimp & Grits?
We start with a bowl of our creamy chipotle cheese grits. (Yes, they do have some spicy kick to them.) We top the grits with blackened shrimp, roasted tomatoes, a white wine Dijon cream sauce, and garnish with our crisp maple black pepper bacon.

Shrimp & Grits can be ordered anytime we are open, so you can enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or brunch.

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