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Make sure you include us as a stop during the West Asheville Cider Crawl March 10th We’ll have two offerings from Botanist and Barrel plus a cider craft cocktail served with a nacho bite. No reservations or tickets needed, just come on by. You can order and enjoy these beverages on our waiting area patio even if you are not joining us for a meal. See you Saturday!

Botanist and Barrel Blueberry Cider
“tart blueberry” 10 oz. glass $7

Botanist and Barrel Blueberry Apple Grape Wine
aged in brandy barrels “collusion blueberry” 6oz. glass $9

Drunken Dragon Craft Cocktail
bourbon, brandy, lemon oleo, ginger beer, blueberry apple grape wine, served up and with a pork belly nacho bite $10