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Dinner Menu

Starter Plates

Homemade Seasonal Soup of the Day.
Cup $4.00Bowl $5.00+ Side Salad $3.00

Fried Green Tomatoes Pecan encrusted fried green tomatoes topped with goat cheese, and roasted red pepper aioli. $8.50

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites • Pepper sauce soaked cauliflower, fried and served Buffalo style with celery, carrots, and a creamy buttermilk blue cheese dressing. $7.50

Pimento Cheese Bruschetta • Housemade pimento cheese broiled on our focaccia, topped with tomato-basil concasse. $5.50

GL-flowerleafBlack Bean Avocado Stack Two black bean cakes, sliced avocado, black bean corn salsa, goat cheese, tortilla chips, and jalapeno jam. $9.00

Smoked Salmon Potato Skins • Baked potato skins stuffed with slow smoked salmon mixed with capers, dill, and cream cheese, topped with chopped bacon, green onions, and drizzled with jalapeno jam. $10.00


GL-flowerGrilled Caesar Salad • Grilled romaine served with housemade Caesar dressing, croutons, shaved Parmesan, and tomato-basil concasse. Large $9.00 • Small $5.00
+ Blackened Shrimp $6.50
+ Grilled Springer Mountain Natural Chicken Breast $5.50
+ Fried Boneless All Natural Chicken Thigh $5.50
+ Denver Steak $12.00 ▲

Fried Chicken Cobb Salad • Mixed greens topped with buttermilk fried chicken, avocado, tomatoes, blue cheese, maple black pepper bacon, and deviled egg pâté. Served with housemade black peppercorn ranch dressing. $14.50

GL-flowerleafThe Breakfast SaladSeasonal baby garden greens with our house Maple Dijon Dressing, topped with maple black pepper bacon or tofu bacon, warm herb tossed spuds, tomatoes, and a free range egg any style. Served with an angel biscuit or focaccia. $9.50 ▲

Dinner Entrées

Add a side salad and focaccia to any entrée for +$2.50

Mighty Meaty Meatloaf • Antibiotic and hormone free beef, local pork, and special seasoning, topped with a red wine demi glace. Served with buttermilk mashed potatoes, fried onion straws, and slow cooked collards. $14.50

Vegetarian Meatloaf • Garbanzo bean, black bean, portobello mushroom, sweet potato, and butternut squash meatloaf topped with a creamy housemade vegetable gravy and crispy onion straws. Served with mashed potatoes and slow cooked collard greens. $13.00

GL-flowerDenver Steak Denver steak topped with an applewood smoked blue cheese butter and our crispy maple black pepper bacon. Served with horseradish smashed redskin potatoes and sauteed spinach, served with red-wine demi. $19.00 ▲

GL-flowerleafBlack Bean TostadasTwo crisp corn tortillas layered with grilled chipotle cheese grit cakes, green salsa, and baby greens. Garnished with black bean corn salsa, cilantro crema, feta cheese, and fresh cilantro. $9.00
+ Blackened Shrimp: $6.50
+ Grilled Springer Mountain Natural Chicken Breast $5.50
+ Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh $5.50
+ Denver Steak $12.00 ▲

GL-flowerShrimp & GritsA bowl of our creamy chipotle cheese grits topped with blackened shrimp, roasted tomatoes, white wine Dijon cream sauce, garnished with crisp maple black pepper bacon. $14.50 • Add 6 Extra Shrimp $6.50

GL-flowerPork Osso Bucco Pork Osso Bucco braised with a chili espresso rub, served with grilled grit cakes and tomato stack, collard greens, and topped with red eye gravy. $18.00 ▲

GL-flowerPotato Wrapped SalmonWild caught salmon rubbed with garlic and shallots, wrapped in potato strings and fried. Served with grilled zucchini and winter squash, sauteed spinach, sundried tomato pesto, and lemon buerre blanc. $18.00

Fried Chicken PlateTwo fried chicken thighs, mashed potatoes, and collards. Served with jalapeno jam. $15.00 • Add a Biscuit +$2.75

Kale & Mushroom Pesto Pasta Cavatappi pasta in a garlic and kale Parmesan cream sauce with broccoli, fall squash, and mushrooms. Topped with toasted walnuts, shiitake bacon, and Parmesan crisp. $14.00
+ Blackened Shrimp $6.50
+ Grilled Springer Mountain Natural Chicken Breast $5.50

Lunch Items Available in the Evening

Sandwiches & Burgers

Served with a Small Side Salad, Fresh Cut Fries – OR – Homemade Cup of Soup +$.75
Substitute an Eat More Bakery Gluten Free Bun for + $1.00

Salmon Niçoise Sandwich • Grilled salmon, Niçoise pâté, pickeled green beans, Mediterranean tapenade, and mixed greens served on grilled housemade bread. $13.00

Fried Chicken & Waffle SandwichSweet potato waffle topped with fried chicken, maple black pepper bacon, pimento cheese, and jalapeno jam. $13.50

GL-flowerB.L.A.T.Maple black pepper bacon or tofu bacon, fresh sliced tomatoes, lettuce, garlic aioli, and smashed avocado served on a fresh baked buttery croissant. $9.50

Fried Green Tomato SandwichPecan encrusted fried green tomatoes, goat cheese, maple black pepper bacon or tofu bacon, and roasted red pepper aioli on a fresh buttery croissant. $10.00

GL-flowerMighty Good Chicken SandwichBalsamic marinated and grilled free-range chicken, melted Brie, maple black pepper bacon, and berry mustard, served on an Annie’s Bakery bun. $13.00

GL-flowerleafSunny Point Veggie Burger • Oats, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, kale, sweet potatoes, and herbs. Topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion and served on an Annie’s Bakery bun with curry green tomato ketchup. $10.50

GL-flowerBrunch Burger All-natural certified Angus beef patty on an Annie’s Bakery bun topped with maple black pepper bacon, a cooked-to-order egg, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and garlic aioli. $13.00 ▲

GL-flowerBuild Your Own Burger All-natural certified Angus beef patty on an Annie’s Bakery bun with lettuce, tomato, and red onion. Base price: $11.00 ▲

  • +$2.00 maple black pepper bacon, tofu bacon
  • + $1.50 sharp white cheddar, Swiss, goat cheese, feta, Brie, blue cheese, pimento cheese, avocado
  • +$1.00 peppers & onions, spinach, mushrooms

Breakfast for Dinner

GL-flowerMGB • Mighty Good Breakfast. Two free range eggs, a choice of Snow Creek nitrate free sausage, maple black pepper bacon, country ham, tofu bacon or veggie sausage, herb tossed spuds or stone ground chipotle cheese grits, and an angel biscuit or focaccia. $9.50 ▲

GL-flowerHuevos RancherosSavory black bean cakes served with Snow Creek chorizo sausage, feta cheese, green salsa, herb tossed spuds, topped with two free range eggs any style, cilantro crema, and crisp tortilla strips. $11.00 ▲

leafHuevos FucherosAs above but with tofu chorizo. $11.00 ▲

GL-flowerThe Breakfast SandwichRoasted tomatoes, maple black pepper bacon or tofu bacon, a small sharp cheddar cheese omelette, and chipotle aioli. Served on a buttery croissant with a choice of stone ground chipotle cheese grits or herb tossed spuds. $9.00

The Southern OmeletteFour egg omelette served with choice of spuds or chipotle cheese grits and a biscuit or focaccia, filled with pimento cheese, crisp maple black pepper bacon or tofu bacon, fresh tomatoes $10.50

Organic Carrot Hot CakesFluffy organic carrot hot cakes topped with cardamon cream cheese. Served with real Vermont maple syrup. Triple Stack $10.00 • Double Stack $8.00 • Single Hot Cake $6.00

French ToastHousemade bread, buttermilk dipped and grilled. Served with fresh fruit and real Vermont maple syrup.
The Savory One: Filled with a mixture of local sausage, cream cheese, and sharp cheddar. $11.00
The Plain Jane…You guessed it. $9.00

How do You want your eggs cooked?

  • Sunny Side Up: cooked only on one side, yolk looking up–yolk is liquid and whites still a bit runny
  • Over Easy: cooked on both sides, flipped just before serving–yolk is liquid and whites partially cooked
  • Over Medium: cooked on both sides–yolk is medium consistency, still soft with whites thoroughly cooked
  • Over Hard: fully cooked on both sides–both yolk and whites solidified
  • Scrambled: beaten eggs fried while stirring producing a homogeneous light & fluffy mixture

▲ NOTE: Consuming raw or under cooked meats / eggs / seafood may increase your risk of food borne illness.

GL-flowerCan be prepared with GLUTEN-LESS INGREDIENTS


Sunny Point Café does NOT have separate kitchen facilities for preparing these dishes, and cross-contact with other products is possible. We do NOT recommend our gluten-less ingredient noted items for those with Celiac Disease or high sensitivities to gluten.