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EggShells1If you have taken a stroll through our on-site garden lately you may have noticed eggshells scattered over the soil surface of some of the beds. In particular, they are surrounding the base of each tomato plant we have lovingly put in. The use of the eggshells has created a lot of buzz… So, I’d like to unveil the mystery and discuss the reasons why…

In fact, there are three excellent purposes that they serve:

  1. The eggshells leach calcium into the soil, which is a beneficial nutrient, helping to create strong and healthy plants.
  2. Additionally, the sharp edges of the eggshells act as a natural deterrent for creepy-crawly insects that may want to snack on the luscious leaves of the plant! (Similar to the application of the product diatomaceous earth.)
  3. Finally, the eggshells, scattered as a layer on the soil surface, protect the tomato plants from the back-splash of soil when it rains heavily. The tomato plants, in particular, are sensitive and extremely susceptible to disease, both soil and air-born. That is why some folks mulch heavily around their tomatoes, here at Sunny Point we happen to have a surplus of eggshells, hence, there lauded place in the garden!

Note to home gardeners: the kitchen staff here is kind enough to save the eggshells for the garden, and they also bake them off in the oven to quickly dry them out. Beware that the scent of composted products can always attract bigger critters to the garden, too… So, look out!