Daytime Specials

Ask you server about today’s baked goodies and dessert special.

daily specials AVAILABLE UNTIL 3pm

Jerk Chicken Hash • 13 ▲
sweet potatoes, red potatoes, sunny point jerk chicken thigh, red onion, black beans, cilantro, two eggs any style, peach hot sauce

Southwestern Crispy Tortilla Scramble • 12
two eggs, tortilla bowl, corn and avocado salsa, poblano queso, choice of side and bread

Pimento Biscuit Napoleon • 13
fluffy parmesan rosemary biscuit, heirloom tomato, pesto, pimento cheese, maple black pepper bacon, fresh garden basil, choice of side

Local Blueberry Breakfast Tart• 12
puff pastry filled with local blueberries, lemon icing, whipped cream, side of chicken apple sausage

daily baked goodness

  • Monday – Muffins
  • Tuesday – Doughnuts
  • Wednesday – Sweet Rolls
  • Thursday – Doughnuts
  • Friday – Monkey Bread
  • Saturday – Monkey Bread
  • Sunday – Sweet Rolls

View our bakery case, or ask your server, about additional baked goodies available today!

▲These items maybe ordered undercooked or may contain raw eggs. Consuming these items may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

These dishes can be prepared  V – vegan, G – gluten-less ingredients
cross-contact is possible

Sunny Point Café does NOT have separate kitchen facilities for preparing vegan and gluten-less dishes.