Children’s Menu

mini menu: for ages 10 and under

available anytime

Shortest Stack • 4.5
three mini carrot hot cakes, powdered sugar, maple syrup

Mini Good Breakfast • 4.5 ▲
one egg, one piece of sausage, hempeh, or veggie sausage, biscuit

Grilled Cheese • 5.5
white cheddar cheese, potatoes

Plain French Toast • 4.5
one slice, maple syrup, fresh fruit

Hot Dog • 4.5
hot dog, fresh cut fries

available after 5pm

Kids Pasta Bowl • 5
alfredo sauce or tomato coulis, parmesan cheese

Grilled Chicken • 6
grilled chicken breast, biscuit, vegetables

Fried Chicken • 6
fried boneless chicken thigh, mashed ‘taters

▲These items maybe ordered undercooked or may contain raw eggs. Consuming these items may increase your risk of foodborne illness.